Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 37

Size: a watermelon! She is still gaining about 1/2 an ounce each day.
What baby is up to: She's practicing some skills: inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping and blinking. She's getting her first sticky poop (called meconium) ready for her first diaper.  If she were born today, she would be considered full term, but that doesn't mean she is finished growing or completely reading for life on the outside.  Fat continues to accumulate on her, forming the kissable dimples in those cute elbows, knees, and shoulders, and adorable creases and folds in the neck and wrists.  She is also practicing pivoting from side to side, which would explain why I feeling her completely on one side on day and the on the other side the next day.

At my doctors appointment this week I am still 1 centimeter dilated, but 25% effaced.  His says that things are looking good and we are progressing along.  Only two more weeks until she should be here :)!!!!  I have had the last of my baby showers and I think that Mackenzie is one lucky girl and she is pretty much set with everything she will need.  We have been very fortunate to have wonderful family, friends, and co-workers who have spoiled Mackenzie.  Josh has been busy putting everything together and turning our house into a place fit for a baby princess. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 36

Size of baby: honeydew melon.  Still measuring in at about 20 inches and probably weighing in at about 6 pounds.
What baby is up to: She's getting closer and closer to being able to breathe on her own.  Her skin is getting smooth and soft and her gums are rigid.  Her liver and kidneys are in working order. Circulation and immune systems are basically good to go, too.  Though the digestive system is ready to roll, too, it hasn't really gotten a workout yet since all of her nutrients has been given to her through the umbilical cord. 

I have been going to the doctor every week for my checkups.  He says that everything looks great and the baby and me are healthy.  At this appointment he checked me and I am 1 centimeter dilated and he doesn't think that we will make it to our due date of January 26th.  I am hoping that we will make it to the end, but she will come whenever she is ready.  She has been moving a lot and I have felt some pressure and some hardining  of different parts of my stomach.  The doctor says all if these symptoms are normal and its just my body getting itself ready for the amazing journey we are about to go on!!

Week 35

Size of baby: honeydew melon.  She could be as tall as 20 inches and could weigh in at about 51/2 pounds. 
What baby is up to: She is gaining about a half a pound weekly.  Now, her hearing is fully developed, and she responds best to high-pitched noises. Her brain development continues at a mind-boggling pace, making her a little on the top-heavy side.  She has turned to be in a head-down, bottoms-up position in my pelvis by now.  Her head is still soft and will remain that way throughout labor to make it an easier decent for birth.